Session Border Controller Software | REVE SBC Software

12 Sep

REVE SBC (Session Border Controller) is the perfect solution for Communication Service Providers and Enterprises who need VoIP security as well as trans-coding benefits, while keeping their existing hardware. REVE SBC Software have Session Capacity of up to 20K Concurrent Calls with 1500 CPS and integrated with real time billing that means you don't need to buy separate VoIP Billing software.

Features of REVE SBC Software

  • 10K Proxy Calls in Single Server
  • VoIP Softswitch Integrated with Real Time Billing Software
  • Wholesale SMS & Mobile Top Up
  • WebRTC to SIP Conversion
  • Advanced Fraud Detection System
  • Absolute Prepaid with Traditional Postpaid Platform
  • Rate Plan Normalization
  • Great Price Quality Ratio

Use Case of Session Border Controller

The main reason to have Session Border Controller is to provide security into your network. An SBC located at the edge of the Communication Service Providers and Enterprise is to protect their own networks. SBC Software provide Robust network security under heavy loads & DoS attacks.

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